Concrete floor protection.

Millions of euros are spent every year on ordinary and extraordinary repairs to industrial floors. Much money could be saved with a suitable design and greater focus on the choice of protective treatment.

Industrial floors are often the last element introduced to the building and, as a consequence, floors can be treated with low grade products or with materials not  consistent with the customers’ real needs. Unfortunately this can turn out to be very expensive. This can be partly due to theconfusion created by a market with more than 1,000 apparently identical products and to solutions often too complicated to be even taken into consideration. What are the real needs of the market? From what should we really protect our concrete floors?

Concrete floors should be protected

Through collaboration with the American company L&M Construction Chemical Inc., Ideal Work is honoured to introduce 3 new products for protecting concrete surfaces.


IDEAL HARD: Hardening treatment, chemical hardener, dust-free guaranteed for 10 years.

PETROTEX-S: Oil-proof and water-proof treatment.

AQUAPEL-S: Salt-proof and ice-proof treatment..