Features and Benefits

What is reactive stain?

Stains are used to colour and add highlights to new or existing cement based products. A mixture of specially formulated metallic salts and acids designed to etch open and colour deep into hardened cement paste.

Whi use reactive stains?

Stains has been the solution in many different situations. Ideal Work stains can produce the most natural organic colour pallet to compliment any surrounding environment. Use them to colour a complete floor or add playful highlights on textured surfaces.

Many artistic designs and effects.

Stains can be used with a wide variety of Ideal Work decorative systems from stamped concrete to stamped wall or Micro-topping to artificial rock. Many artistic designs and effects can be achieved using reactive stains and application techniques.

New build or renovation.

Stains can be specified for new construction projects or for renovating old concrete surfaces. Bringing deep and long lasting UV stable colour, Ideal Work stains offer a limitless option for old and new concrete projects